Our Culinary English Academy is one of our new and very exciting programs, offering participants an opportunity to improve their English language, cooking and baking skills in a culinary school in Ireland. The Culinary English Academy is truly unique, combining our expertise in English language programs with culinary classes in a purpose-built, state-of-the-art kitchen.

The program consists of English language classes in the morning, followed by practical cooking sessions in the afternoons and, as with all of our programs, access to our online e-Learning resource.

The improved English and culinary skills resulting from this course will broaden students’ potential job opportunities, magnifying their potential job market in size and diversity.

Morning English Language Classes

We believe that the very best way to gain English language skills is to be fully immersed in the language, particularly for participants who wish to become competent speaking English in a culinary environment. At the morning classes, students work on key areas to help develop fluency and accuracy - pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, idioms. A considerable amount of the course is devoted to ‘speaking and listening’, providing an extra opportunity for fluency practice.

Afternoon Practical Cooking Sessions

Cookery lessons take place at our local culinary kitchen where anyone can learn to cook and make great Irish food! The course aims to help the novice cook become more confident at preparing a meal and to further inspire the competent cook when creating a dish! Ingredients are provided by our chef and each student has their own workstation. The emphasis in these sessions is to empower cooks of every level - those with more experience can feel challenged and those with less can feel their confidence soar!

In addition to improving English culinary terminology, students are exposed to great new recipes every day, with each step clearly demonstrated in English. Working in our hands-on kitchen area, students improve their culinary skills, develop confidence to taste and adjust flavours and cook a wonderful range of dishes with expert guidance.

On some afternoons we encourage our participants to bring a bottle of wine to the afternoon cooking experience and to enjoy the ‘fruits of their labour’ at the end of the afternoon class.

Our Culinary English Academy is a perfect break that will leave you inspired to entertain your friends and family effortlessly!


As part of Language Xchange Ireland’s unique, multi-tiered approach to learning English, each student's immersion in the English language doesn't just begin when they reach Ireland. Instead, we have created a free, comprehensive online learning resource that can be completed from home before students arrive.

All participants of the Culinary English Academy have free access to three levels of e-Learning for a total of 5 months, 3 months before arriving in Ireland and 2 months afterwards, to allow continued English learning experience and practice. We have also created a “Culinary & Catering” e-Learning module for this course to ensure you have practiced some essential culinary terminology in advance of the first day in the Culinary English Academy.

Our school - Thomastown Town of Food

Language Xchange Ireland has partnered with Kilkenny’s Town of Food to deliver our Culinary English Academy. This exciting partnership allows us to combine our expertise in delivering high quality English Learning Programs with Town of Food’s well-recognised culinary excellence.

Town of Food is a community-led initiative promoting Kilkenny as a food destination, supporting the production and promotion of local, quality food ingredients and developing an educational food hub that attracts professional and amateur cookery students.

The Town of Food is based in the state-of-the-art culinary school in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny - a custom developed Food Education and Incubation centre, providing an ideal location for Language Xchange Ireland’s Culinary English Academy. The school, opened in December 2014, provides the highest of kitchen standards.

With close proximity to Kilkenny and Waterford cities, being home to many artisan food producers to visit in their spare time, and being an established tourism destination with an impressive medieval history and picturesque situation by the River Nore, Thomastown is an ideal location for the South East’s centre of culinary excellence.


Students stay with local Host Families to increase their immersion into the Irish culture and food and to extend their opportunities to practice conversational English. Host Families provide transport to and from the school each day and Language Xchange Ireland provides airport transfers.

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